Arm Pain & Heart Attack

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My right upper arm is sore at times, would that be a sign of heart attack? I thought it was due to sleeping on it?
Heart attack may cause left upper arm instead of right.
my blood count is612, i have cold sweat,andpain in my left chest and arm. Are these anxiety attacks?
Blood count 612, which indicator is it? WBC, RBC? Cold sweat and pain in chest and arms can be signs of heart attack or anxiety attack, the information is very limited, hard to tell. If you haven't got relief, go to ER for safe. If you have got relief, make an appointment with a cardiologist for an evaluation.
Both my arms are aching EKG is showing nothing but its something wrong i have evey  symptom as a heart attack fatigue  indigestion and cold and hot chills and the dr said bronchitis  i  dont think so
the most common symptom of heart attack is chest pain and Chest tightness. do you have any feelings like this?
do you have infection in your x-ray?
if your EKG is normal, you can't let go of heart attack, you can do a tread-mill test to find out your heart funtion under exercise burden.
All of my test were normal but I insisted something was wrong. Based on my family history and my feelings of something was wrong the Cardiologist schedule an Arteriogram. He found a main artery 76% blocked and he put a stint in. Confirmed that blockage would have led to a heart attack. Proof you should follow your instincts.
Agreed! I had the “instinct” to seek a “roto-rootering” of my arteries when I noticed that my Heart was beating vigorously yet I still got worn down easily on the baseball field. I googled the possibilities and, indeed, such a condition/procedure exists (chronic total occlusion). My arteries were almost entirely blocked. I had a heart attack at 43 but that CTO procedure worked like a champ. What they do is essentially stick a tiny drill up into your blockage and then, the drill pulverizes and bores through the built up calcification ..: until there is a large enough hole to allow normal (if not complete) blood flow. I got my life back. With a wife and 4 small kids, I thank God I was led to seek that research. My cardio doc had heard of it but he had no plans to use it on me, as he had never performed the procedure. He called in two docs to help him: one from LA, one from Boston. It was a victory for all of us.
My Father's test were always normal for Heart Attacks but he always had the symptoms. They always had to go in thru his leg and check to see if he needed stints. and he most always did. He is now passed away in Nov. Never leave the Hospital or doctors office without answers. Demand an answer.
I am not sure about your father's situation. What is the explanation of the hospital? I don't know if he has other disease, or family history. It's hard to find out the reason. It you are so confused, maybe autopsy is an option. Besides, sudden death is sth you could not explain. In the United States, approximately 450,000 people die from sudden cardiac death (SCD) each year, accounting for 63% of all cardiogenic deaths, while SCD survivors are only 1-5%.
I'm not sure about my mother's situation
Does she have any symptoms?
Heart attack symptoms for women are often different from that of men. I was experiencing pain in my throat when I would take walks. It turned out to be a 80-90% blockage in my left main. Also called The Widow Maker!! Follow your instincts. I was told I had anxiety. But I knew different.
the most common symptom of heart attack is chest pain and Chest tightness. do you have any feelings like this?
do you have infection in your x-ray?
if your EKG is normal, you can't let go of heart attack, you can do a tread-mill test to find out your heart funtion under exercise burden.
I have infections  on my x-,ray is that a sign of a heartattack i also have mold under  my house do could that be a sign
I have been having pain in my arm from my elbow to my wrist. Sometimes when I extend my arm it causes alot of pain. I find myself babying my right arm alot.  An ao.e time my left hurts As Well. It has gotten so bad lately that I wake up in the middle of the night in pain. What could this possibly be.
as you describe, it's not like a heart attack. possible cause as follow:
1.Joint disease
Such as rheumatoid arthritis, periarthritis of the shoulder, scapular muscle strain and other diseases and bursitis and tendonitis can cause shoulder pain.
2. Coronary heart disease
Coronary heart disease is a heart disease caused by coronary artery stenosis or paralysis. Because the pain in the shoulders, sternum and left little fingers is also transmitted to the brain through the sympathetic ganglia of the 1st to 5th thoracic vertebrae and the corresponding spinal nerves, the brain sometimes cannot tell whether the pain is from the heart or the sternum. shoulder. Therefore, patients with coronary heart disease often have shoulder pain symptoms, and sometimes even cover other parts of the pain. In general, in addition to shoulder pain, patients with coronary heart disease may have post-sternal or precordial pressure.
3. Pulmonary cancer
When a cancer occurs at the tip of the lung, the developing cancer tissue can compress or invade these nerve plexuses, such as shoulder muscle pain. This type of pain is usually caused by a burning underarm, a burning pain in the inner side of the upper limb, especially at night. If the shoulder is severely stressed, it will also affect the movement of the shoulders and upper limbs.
4. cervical spondylosis
The pain is mostly numbness and has the feeling of radiating from the upper limbs and hands. The most common pain site is concentrated in the shoulder area except the neck, which is above the collarbone, above the shoulder peak, and in the area above the shoulder scapula.
5. Shoulder inflammation
Pain is persistent dull pain, and pain often manifests as soreness and pain. Most of the pain is located in the deltoid area, which is the area below the clavicle, the area below the shoulder and the area below the shoulder.
6. Acute cervical radiculitis
More common in young people who work at the desk or work long hours. The onset is more urgent, the pain is severe, and the severe rad
I had pain in my legs and arms this past weekend. Now today its only in right arm accompanied by a headache. Also a little discomfort in chest briefly at times.
Hello, chest tightness and pain of cardiovascular disease is a special symptom. It is characterized by paroxysmal and crushing pain in the forechest, accompanied by other symptoms. The pain mainly lies in the posterior part of the sternum. It can radiate to the anterior part of the heart and the left upper limb. Labor or emotional excitement often occurs. Each attack lasts for 3-5 minutes. It can last for several days or several times a day. Rest or use nitrate esters, the symptom can disappear. You can compare the above characteristics for a simple screening. If most of your symptoms are consistent with them, it is recommended that you go to the cardiology department as soon as possible.
Feeling like my breathing is hard and pain in my left arm pit. I am a 60 year old woman
This can be the sign of a heart attack, get to ER right now, Madam. Have someone to drive you.
Short breath and pain in left arm at the same time, sounds like a heart attack. Other disease is also possible.
It's consistent or paroxysmal? is it related to physical exercise? will deep breath worsen it? how old are you ? have you ever been diagnosed with digestive ulcer?
 a few life-threatening chest pain: ischemic heart disease, pulmonary embolism, pneumothorax,aortic dissection. other disease: pneumonia, Ribitis, shingles, Intercostal neuritis,pleurisy(TB ,maybe no fever)Esophagitis, hiatal hernia, esophageal cancer, lung cancer.
you should  go to hospital to find out.
Hi I am having pain in my right elbow about one year back ( not continuosly).after 6,7 months the pain spreads to shoulder. Now the back side of the shoulderalso getting pain..also recently I got swelling under right armpit. Can u give me any suggestion? I am a 37 year old lady
Hello, many can cause arm and back pain, however the swelling under armpit is not a good sign, the swelling under armpit is usually associated with lymph nodes. You should have a check-up.
My right arm muscle hurt for a while. I work as assembler putting grills together and lifting them. I used I've pack on my arm. What else can I do to stop pain.
Hello, ideally you need to reduce using the arm for a period of time. Wearing an arm sleeve will be helpful. Applying topical analgesic ointments is another option.
I've been having this numbing / dull pain in my left upper inside arm, woke me up this morning, I was recently diagnosed with COPD, I'm a 65 yr old female. What u think
Hello Verna. The symptom isn't associated with COPD, it's more about the nerve. I would recommend you to have the neck(cervical spine) checked up. But if you're too busy to seeing a doctor, you may try yoga or physical therapy designed for the neck.
I have been having reoccurring sharp pains in my left forearm all day. The pain only lasts a few seconds but, is so overwhelming that it causes me to drop anything I am holding. Also, the frequency of them seems to be increasing. Should I be concerned?
Hello, I'd recommend you to have your cervical spine checked up. The neck.