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My bp is 170 over 93 heart rate 63 im 50yrs old and weigh 250lbs is this bad?
It's not good ,you should take drugs to keep your BP lower ,to 130-150/70-80. Lose weight if you are overweight and having a higher BMI. I don't know if you're overweighted, it depends on how tall you are. Check you BMI here by inputting your height and weight.  https://healthtopquestions.com/bmi-calculator/
My blood pressure is 126/87 is that consider high blood pressure?
the normal standard is below 120/80, the Diastolic blood pressure is a little little above the normal. i guess you are young,  you should have a healthy lifestyle and do exercise regularly.
My blood pressure is 120/66 is that’s low
And back in my head it’s fills to hot and painful
Is that normal
120/66 is normal, not high not low, it's good. The feeling of heat and pain at the back of your head, is it related to the neck? Try to exercise your neck, buy slowly and gently move it to the four directions, and exercise your shoulder muscle, see if the feeling relieves. If it does relieve, it's probably a neck problem, if not, you may get a scan on the head.
Dear, normal blood pressure is systolic blood pressure 80-120, diastolic blood pressure is 60-90. If it is elderly, blood pressure is higher than normal. Some young girls have blood pressure close to the lower limit of normal without any symptoms. There is no problem with your blood pressure. It is recommended that you measure your body temperature. If the body temperature is really higher than 38 ° C, and the duration is not long, it may be a cold, you can take a piece of ibuprofen + compound paracetamol tablets first, in general, you are advised not to be nervous, relax, rest well. A cold is a self-healing disease that usually heals itself within 1 week.
My blood pressure today was 133 over 78
That's good. You don't need to worry.
My blood pressure today is 127/90. Im6 65 years old. I run 800 to 1000 miles a year. Is. That considered high
your blood pressure is normal. BP is not the restrictive factor for your marathon. you should be careful about the degenerative disease of the muscle and skeletal.
My blood pressure is 115/90 is that a bad blood pressure
it's normal and good, don' t worry.
My blood pressure is 114/65  I’m a 62 yo. man  and weight is 242. My heart rate is 85 bpm.Is that ok?
Hi, your BP is normal, heart rate is also normal, although not the best. You're overweight, the body weight is a big burden to your heart, if you can lose 20-30 pounds I'm sure you'll be healthier.
I am a 70 year old female and I weigh 175pounds,  my BP reading is 99/62, is that considered low BP. No dizziness but my heart flutters a little. I am taking Metroprolol @25mg.
Hi, your BP is normal, you're on Metoprolol, which lowers down BP, but 99/62 is still normal. Your heart flutters, this might be a problem,  it may be abnormal heart rhythm and you better get an EKG to confirm. Metoprolol is helpful in maintaining a normal heart rhythm, keep taking it, get the EKG, and listen to your doctor's diagnosis.
No dizziness means it's okay. You should have EKG test when your heart flutters . Take Metroprolol @25mg is ok, if your heart rate is normal.
My BP today was 145/95 I'm 43 years old is that too high
Hi Ms. Bryant, normal BP is below 140/90, your reading is high blood pressure. However, it's slightly high so you may consider a change in lifestyle and the BP may come down to a normal range, so that you don't need to be put on BP meds. The BP friendly lifestyle is to limit intake of sodium to 2,300 mg a day, do physical exercise at least 30 minutes per day, walk, swim, cycling, bowing, etc. Eat more fruits and vegetables, don't take any processed foods, limit added sugar, limit cholesterol intake.
I am a 52 year old female 5ft 4 inches I weigh 120 lbs my good pressure is 124/81
What does that mean? Good , bad, ok? What is ideal and how do I get there? I exercise 5 days a week and eat healthy organic, veggies and fruits, lean protein, mostly gluten free and dairy free, non GMO, high fiber. I meditate and do yoga, cardio, Pilates, Zumba, weights, HIIT classes
Hi Ms. Troyer, your BMI is 20.6, which means you have a normal and good weight. Your BP is normal too, BP under 140/90 is considered normal. I would emphasize that your lifestyle is very healthy, people should follow your style, I mean you're like a role model with the healthy diet and rich exercises. You should consider having your own blog.
your BP is normal, no need to worry. your lifestyle is vey healthy , keep it.
My blood pressure is 140/80, I’m 62 yrs my weight is 144 and height 5’1 is that bad.
The reading is around the borderline of diagnosis of hypertension(140/90). It's not a severe problem, however you will need to be careful about your lifestyle. Do exercise, have low salt and low fat food, sleep well.
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