Blood Pressure Chart (For Reference)

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My blood pressure is 118/50 when I lye down is that to low?
It happens to some people that diastolic pressure is lower than 60. If you don't feel discomfort, and have no symptom, it's usually ok.
I'm 58 exercise 2 943 times a week my average blood pleasure 137\88 it's that good or bad
If you aren't on any BP med, 137/88 is below the borderline of high blood pressure and acceptable. Keep on the exercises 2-3 times a week, take a healthy diet, low sodium is the best.
140/90 heart rate 79 am I good
140/90 is at the borderline, you may need to measure your BP three times a day since now, if you find the reading goes up you'll need medication. A healthy lifestyle from now on is also helpful, low sodium diet and mild exercises.
106 / 69 is that too low
106/69 is within normal range.
Is 166/105 pulse reading at 104 a problem I'm 42 years old and female???? What is a normal reading for a person with high blood pressure?
Hello Madam, Normal pulse is within 50-100 beats per minute. When your blood pressure exceeds 140/90, you'll need to take medication. Faster heart beat may be caused by higher blood pressure. The first step for you is to treat high blood pressure. All the best. HTQ
If I was you I am not going to worry about the pulse being 105 because woman heart beat normally is high than man due to the size of heart woman got bigger heart than man But the sys and dia are high that's what you have to worry
Is 104 over 45 a healthy blood pressure fo elderly women?
Hello, 104 is within normal range for systolic, but a bit lower for the elderly. 45 is below normal range of diastolic. Have you experienced fainting? Are you on any medication treating hypertension? All the best. HTQ
My blood pressure is 168/104 with heart rate at 94. I am a 48 year old female. Should I seek medical attention?
Yes, please get diagnosis from your health provider. It may be hypertension, but there's a chance of other diseases that caused rising of blood pressure and pulse. After examinations, your health provider will diagnose.
I have bp 168/118 and resting heart rate 105. I'm a 41 year old man. How serious is this. On meds I've lowered it to 140 over 85. I'm taking 2 different bp meds daily.
Hello Mr. Dodson, 140/85 is close to the borderline, I understand you're on 2 bp meds, in this case, I'd recommend you try to cut half of your daily salt intake, and see how it comes. I think you need to aim for 130/80 at least with both meds and diet control. What's the pulse at 140/85 bp? 105 is too high, see if the pulse can go back to 80 when your bp drops. If the bp doesn't drop after your cut salt from your diet, you'll need to discuss with your cardio and get your medication adjusted.
My blood pressure is 94/48 85. Is that normal..I am 56 ...5-4...160 pounds..?
Hello Ms. Perez, the top number of BP is fine, the bottom number is lower than normal, pulse is normal. Your BMI is 27.5, it's overweight. Diet healthy and regular exercises will help.
My blood pressure is 142/94 and heart rate 61, I'm 58 and weigh 251 and I'm 6'3" is this normal
Hi Mr. Huff, blood pressure is higher than normal, at this level you may need a cardiologist's evaluation about taking medication or not. Pulse is good. BMI 31.4 class I obesity, you need regular exercise and healthy diet to lose some weight. In my opinion, if you can go below 25 BMI your BP will also come back to normal.