Cystocele - Fallen Bladder - Symptoms & Treatment

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Have cystocele. Noticed a small cut and large looking blister on it. Alittle bit of blood leaking from blister.
you should check with a doctor, you may get infection.
I have prolapsed bladder. Seems to be bulging out a lot more now. Started in 2014. Now it is uncomfortable and very noticable bulge during the day especially after any activity. My gynecologist a male recommended a pessary but it was very uncomfortable so I removed  and then went back to see him and decided to just live with it. He says because I had blood clots in 2002 I am not a candidate for surgery. He recommended vaginal cream Estradol but I am leary of it cause I had blood clots because I was given an oral estrogen in 2002 for uterine fibroids.  I then had a hysterectomy. What ideas do you have for me.
your situation is so complex, i can't give your any useful advice.
I also have a prolapsed #Bladder stage 2-3 ( just seen my gyn. today..also along with that ive got a prolapsed #Rectal herniated into the pro.bladder.
Im 56yrs. OLDand ive lived with these for over a yr. that i know of (felt like a babies head coming out ) scared me. Between all my Dr's they dont want to me to have any #Surguries..ive had a total hystorectomy and i also have bad Osteoarthritis.(Brittle bone) nothing for them to do#Medicaid But i did go to P.T. for the Bladder prolapse for 6 months and also changed my diet. Im now a #Vegan & some dairy..
100% and Cinnamon × 2 a day. I could go on & on ect...

I am 43 I have been in a lot of pain from my bladder the lower part of my back hurts the lower part of my abdomen hurts even my legs hurts i constantly go to the bathroom nighttime is the worse when I go to the bathroom I start then I stop until I'm done after I'm done I have this awful soreness in my bladder and theirs days I feel so bad that I have to go to bed with my heating pad to help with the pain last week I had a papsmear done and the dr told me that my bladder had dropped I wonder what stage mine is in any input on it would be nice thank you.
Hello Tammy, in order to know the stage of cystocele, doctors need to at least do the finger test. An ultrasound will be better. I understand you feel hurt so much, yet the description is not enough to tell the staging.
My regular doctor says it looks like I have a stage 3 prolapse. I am going to a Urogynocolgist. My question is if surgery is required will they give you something for the pain until then.
Yes, they will give pain pills.
They..the Dr"s should have already prescribed you pain meds. Hope your #GYN appt. is soon..they will prescribe you pain meds. Then they might do surgery..but they want you to try P.T. first.
Praying for you..✨✨
I do know the pain of stage im at 2..along with a rectal prol. Herniated into my bladder.
#Dont push to hard when having a bowel causes the bladder to fall more. No jumping on trampolines or of anyway..
I'feel your pain I'am sure I'am in stage 4, prolapse of bladder &rectal also.
Been in the hospital several times for It I'd.But there are no options for me because I'have severe Heart; problems, & Hypertension and I'am 80 years old.
Today I'm on sofa with heating pad for pain.
I'am usually very active but pain is to bad today.
So I'm know the frustration.
Wish I'could have the surgery.
How do the drs decide if surgery is necessary in a fallen bladder
When it gets serious, causing uncomfortable and noticeable symptoms. Generally surgery isn't an alternative in treating mild cases.
What is the treatment for grade 1 on cystocel.
Stage 1 there's usually no treatment.
I am 78 yo with I believe is a grade 3 cystocele. What are the chance I can be helped?
If you're healthy, it's possible to take the surgery. Most of women can get relieved after the surgery.
I have pain in suprapubic area that radiates upward
If you're a man, the pain is associated with prostate.
I suspect I have stage 2. I’m 48 and entering menopause. I got my period today and when I went to insert the tampon it was painful and difficult. A few hours later after I urinated, while wiping I noticed that there was a bulge of tissue in my vaginal opening. The tampon I inserted went in but looks to be off to the side and can’t be seenat all once inserted, the string is off to the side. I have the constant urge to urinate but not much will come out. I’ve had dull aches in my upper left thigh and deep cramps in lower abdomen. Hard to know what’s menstrual cramps. Should I seek immediate medical attention or can I wait to schedule an appointment with my GYNO?
Hi, I would recommend you to schedule an appointment with your gynecologist, ER doctors don't treat fallen bladder, they don't think it an emergency.