What is High Blood Pressure?

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My husband blood pressure is reading 154/103 should I take him to the hospital
you should see a cardiologist and get medication. befeore this, measure blood pressure 3 times a day:8:00am 16:00pm before sleep, record them and show them to the doctor.
Couldn’t there be other health issues causing it to be high? Such as a blood clot? I think a random need to be on medication isn’t really great advice. I think her husband should be examined and other factors considered before making a blanket statement about medication
I have high bp.and on meds the advice you gave is right on target. Than kg s for helping us out here in net land.
What is ranger for high blood pressure
More than 140/90 mmHg. With high blood pressure, you should adjust your diet, exercise more, maintain a healthy weight, avoid stress, monitor your blood pressure level, limit the amount of alcohol you take. Strive to be healthy each passing day.