What Is Cervical Dysplasia?

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Why would my doctor send me to a oncologist?
What tests have you done?
My doctor is urging Me to Hell surgery for my HPV. She said this has develop and near cancer and my cervix. Is there anything I can do to prevent having surgery and or a hysterectomy?
Surgery is the best. The vaccine doens't help much when you've been infected with HPV and have cervical dysplasia in place. Nothing is as precious as your own life.
Yes! I was in this same situation in my early 40s. (I am now 67.) I was fortunate enough to live in Oregon and was referred to a naturopath and acupuncturist who specializes in women’s health in Portland, Edythe Vickers, ND, LAc. In 8 weeks, she moved my Class IV Pap Smear (worst pre-cancerous diagnosis) to a Class I (best possible — no cancer). Her approach was acupuncture twice a week, beta-carotene, and Chinese herbs which she prepared for me. She diverted me entirely from surgery, and also from western medicine. I worked with her on everything for the next twenty years until I was forced onto Medicare which does not cover “alternative” approaches to healing. I consult with her still when I need to.
I'm a Chinese student who studies in U.S. I don't know what your naturopath and acupuncturist did, but I'm sure in Chinese hospitals no one treats HPV and cervix precancers in traditional medicine way. Chinese doctors perform surgeries too.
Not sure why you, as a citizen of China who studies in the US, would try to discourage an American woman from seeking alternative care that would help her avoid a complete hysterectomy. I was referred to Edythe Vickers in 1993 because she already had had much success with this approach to treating HPV and pre-cervical cancer conditions. She had taught the acupuncturist who referred me to Edythe, and he highly recommended her, and with good reason. In the intervening years since 1993, Dr. Vickers has continued to have success with her approach to treatment and continues to teach. Maybe you should check her out, in Portland, before decrying her success. What do you study in the US?
This is not a discouragement to anyone, you expressed your opinion, I expressed mine. It's a pre-cancer, you delay the proper treatment for a couple of months, it turns to cancer. That's a huge risk to anyone.
HPV vaccine is really a good choice!
Will the vaccine care or prevent?
The decision can be hard for moderate cervical dysplasia, because majority of cases will resolve itself, but some will go on to develop cervical cancer.

Of course the surgery will protect you most from cervical cancer, but there's a risk for the outcome of future pregnancies, including miscarriages and premature deliveries.

Now, scientists in University of London, have found that the S5 DNA methylation test is the best predictor of whether moderate cervical disease will progress to CIN3. For most of women, active surveillance is enough. For some of them, surgical intervention is necessary.