What Are the Early Signs of Cervical Cancer?

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I'm 25 years old and had a pap about 4 months ago,test results showed abnormal cells?!!!!!!!
I did an antibiotic starting that day for bacterial vagnoses. If that really was even the case. Because I still have a unpleasant Oder,I had no STDS,and I keep having a period irregularly once a month and its concerning for me. Sounds like a dumb question,but I should go for another opinion from a different gynecologist?!!!! Hmmm
what did your gynecologist sugguest? abnormal cells should be treated or regular follow-up? irregular period is caused by abnormal cells? if not, Functional uterine bleeding should be considered.
Hi Aug. of last year I bleed once just a little bit.  So went in for a pap smear.  I have abnormal  cells.  Doc. Said come back in 6 months I have an appt. But I bleed a little bit today. Does that mean I have cancer.
Not necessarily. It is essential that you get a pap smear again. I kinda feel that if you have recurrent symptoms, you do not need to wait for 6 months to be re-tested. You can do it much more earlier.