What Is Cerebral Infarction?

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I had a right cerebral infarction about 2 months ago. I couldn't stop vomiting, keeled over and couldnt get up. I kept trying to get up, and kept falling down. That's first-hand knowledge.
You should go to hospital, you need to get treatment in the hospital . You may have increased intracranial pressure, which is life threatening. Drugs could help, specialists know how to do.
Injured neck have cracking and grinding movements Looking up sends shocks down both arms. Left are and hand are numb right arm and hand are going numb little at a time. Trouble walking and now a knot appeared on back of neck. Don't know if it is causing lose of oxygen and blood causing numbness or pinched nerve. Waiting on x-ray test.
Injured neck may cause insufficient blood supply, and further make you feel numb with limbs. Of course other diseases may also cause the symptoms. Run a few tests and the cause will be known. For health, we've got to stay both active and positive, right? :)