What Are the Symptoms of Cerebral Stroke?

3 Answers

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Both my eyes got stuck looking to the right and down several times recently. What could cause that.  Loss of balance and blurry vision.  Headache
the most common cause for this maybe stroke ,you should have a brain CT can or MRI.
I have black wavey strings and smokey vision in left eye. I also have headaches onleft side. Blurry vision. Could this be a stroke?
It's possible. You need to take a brain MRI scan to make a diagnosis. If it's not a stroke, you may need to see an eye doctor.
I have loss of the use of my right side arm hand movement and can not walk lost speech for two days I have speech back.i am in rehab now.why did the Mir or cat scan not pick up this' cerebral stroke .the doctors said they did not know why I was paralizied. The tests showed no stroke in the brain...this is my seventh stroke..I have has Tia's...
have you done brain MRI+MRA(atery image)? if they are ok, you may suffer Cardiac embolism o rUnexplained embolism. check out do you have cardiomyopathy or atrial fibrillation, atrial septus defect, patent oval foramen.
My left eye hurts along the side of my head down my neck into my shoulder with light and sound sensitivity CT scan was normal can't rid of the pain of a migraine and my eye hurting
Follow up with your neurologist, it's an obvious nerve problem, CT doesn't always disclose everything.
Possibly a nerve problem, the head, eye, neck are all linked to the nerve.