What Symptoms Mean a Coronary Artery Blockage?

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I had a non,q miocardio infarction they are afraid to do bypass surgery,do to heart calcification,any options
It seems you have a serious coronary heart disease. The surgery is difficult ,you should try to find a very experienced specialist in this field.
PCI is also an option to unobstruct blood vesselsand minimal invasive.
I’ve recently had an EKG, x-ray and blood tests that all came back normal. Does that mean I have no blockage issues and should not be in danger of having a heart attack? Perhaps my odd chest feelings are anxiety related instead?
EKG, x-ray and blood tests  can't show if you have coronary heart disease. if you have no symptom,no need to worry. if you feel chest pain next time, go to the ER,have a EKG and blood test for cTNI or cTNT.
What does that mean
EKG can be false negative, it happens to quite some people. X-ray doens't show the blockage of artery, a CTA(coronary computed tomography angiogram)can show the blockage of your artery. The only blood test to diagnose heart attack is cardiac troponin-I(cTNI), it takes at least 4-6 hours for the protein to go into the blood after a heart attack. If your blood test didn't include cardiac troponin-I, the blood test almost doesn't say anything.

So if you feel chest pain, you get cTNI test, that's the way to confirm a heart attack. And, you may get a CTA scan, to find out the blockage of your artery. It's a common heart scan.
I noticed l, a few weeks ago when im stressed or strained, theres a swollen vein in my neck a bubble tyem a pool under the collar bone. I stay tired. I keep headaches. Its hot to the touch and i've developed vision issues. Yesterday, i believe i had a mini stroke .. the pool reduced and the swelling moved. I went to ER and the woman didnt even use a stethoscope .  There was No exam. She stated it was the same on both sides. Pics and EVERYONE else disagree. She then said i just have large veins and valves. Im 107 obs and i MUST have a chipds oic line or butterfly for IV. Every phlobotomist ever drawing blood acknowledges my narrow veins. Theres always multiple sticks. I asked for a doppler and  she reported i had no right to demand tests and a doppler doesnt show blood flow or clots, anyway.
I said, "ok google, whats a doppler test for" when my phone stated it measures the flow of blood and blood vessels. usually used by Drs on the legs or neck, she left the room.
I asked for a patient rep and a 100yr old man sat and spoke to me but, wrote NOTHING down.
I felt embarrassment and humiliation and cried as i exited.
I cant remember anything words come out wrong i have the swelling and headaches and because i have no insurance i cant get the DR at the ER to even LISTEN.
Hello, thank you for sharing your medical experience. When you are nervous, your neck veins are swollen, headache, fever, and vision problems. Right? First, everyone will accumulate in the veins when they are tired. Don't worry too much. The next time you can go to the doctor when your veins are swelling. Then, what is the nature of your headache? How long does it last? How many degrees of fever? Is there a temperature? What happened to your vision? Describe in detail. Your problem may not be as serious as you think. First you need to relax, which also helps your health.
What causes a feeling of fullness in the era ,but only in my left ear,I can also feel my heartbeat in it.if I take deep breaths it goes away for a short time ,very short.
Feeling of fullness in the ear? First of all use an otoscope to check the ear canal, it might be infection in the ear.
I had it in both ears I was diagnosed with Inter ear infection took 2 courses of antibiotics it was still there.Went to another Dr I had bronchitis got tgecright medicine and noevit is better