How Long is the Life Expectancy After Hemorrhagic Stroke?

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In 2015 I suffered 3 massive CVAs in the left hemisphere. 1st left me paralyzed, 2nd blind, 3rd took my speech and I recovered about 70% after 3yrs of therapy and I KNOW MY life expectancy has been shortened but HOW short is what I would like to know so I can make damn good use of this gift. ANY info is GREATLY APPRECIATED
It's almost impossible to answer you this question. When you had one, there's a elevated chance of having the second one. The best prevention is to see the doctor regularly and follow-up. Know more about the situation of your brain from your test.
Is there a possibility another stroke will occur again after a brain stem intercerebral hemorrhagic stroke?
Hello Evangeline, yes, and the chance is higher than people who never had a stroke.