What Triggers Heart Failure in Hypertensive Heart Disease Heart Failure?

2 Answers

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Is the surgery  dangerous and has anyone every passed away from it
Any operation is risky. Because of the complexity of the disease itself, we can't guarantee the success of the operation 100 percent, but every doctor will certainly pay 100 percent for his patients. If you are not confident about the local medical and health conditions, within the scope of economic affordability, it is recommended that you go to a hospital with relatively better medical conditions.
Nerve damage down left side of my body stessed out crying insomnia dr.put me on buspar not helping me at all what should i do?
Nerve damage can't be entirely treated, medication is for symptom relieving. Sensory nerve damage can cause unbearable pain. There're more than one medicine, talk to you neurologist see if possible to try different medicine. Something else that might help include: nutrition, especially Vitamin B(6,12), antioxidants, acupuncture.