Can I Have a Test for Coronary Artery Disease?

1 Answer

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I've been having chest pain for over 7 months now my physician said i have costochronitis.i am a 31yr old African American male who before this was very I'm more fatigue the pain is worsening and its become difficult to stay in shape.I've had EKG testing multiple times it showed I have a low heart rate. My heart rate has been under 60 for it possible I may have a clogged artery?
I think your doctor has ruled out the chance of heart attack. Besides, it's been 7 months, you've been having increased pain, and doctors didn't find anything in your heart, the chance of clogged artery is small. However, you can still get further tests. How is your cholesterol level? You can also have a CTA to see if any blockage in the artery, CTA is similar to a CT scan, non-invasive and convenient.