What is Hypertensive Heart Disease Without Congestive Heart Failure?

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I noticed pain on the left part of my chest. I feel it at my back too. I was given lexotan and a pack of cocodamby
Hello, can you describe the nature of pain? For example, paroxysmal, crushing pain, pain occurs with other symptoms? Where is the pain? Is there pain in the posterior sternum, anterior heart area and left upper limb? Do you remember when it happened during rest, work or emotional excitement? How long does each attack last? How many minutes? How many days? How many times a day? Does it disappear after rest or use of nitrates? Generally speaking, male, over 40 years old, fatigue, emotional excitement, anxiety, cold, rainy weather, acute circulatory failure are common causes of angina pectoris.
Hi, who gave you lexotan and what is cocodamby? Lexotan is for anxiety. If you've seen your doctor for the chest and back pain, and the doctor gave you Lexotan, that means your doctor thinks it's not heart related. In any time, if you feel pressure, squeezing pain in the chest and feeling out of breath, abnormally fast heart beat, go to ER.