What’s the Differences Between Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab?

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why erectile dysfunction
is erectile dysfunction normal
Um, can't say it's normal but it's common in mid-aged. Vigra has been selling well all around the world, that proves it's a common male problem. No worry, there're treatment options available. Get help from an experienced doctor, take this call an alarm that you need to care for your health, eat healthy, do exercise, sleep well, and so on.
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Hi Dear, are you truly visiting this site on a regular basis, if so after that you will definitely get good knowledge.
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I’m 72 yrs female on letrozole blood pressure and sertraline. My blood sugar fr the year is 44 nurse thought it’s because ive put weight on 13 . 1 clothed is this ok I checked my sugar at home 4.7 feel better on 5.6
Hello ma'am, if you're taking letrozole, blood pressure drugs and sertraline, I believe your doctor has suggested regular visit. For blood glucose, 3.89~6.11mmol/L empty stomach is the normal range for your referrence.
I have had mager surgery. After cancer. Given 1 and 0 percent can I travel on a big flight? ?
First of all, congratulations on your marriage plan. As per your messages, you've had major surgery and been poor in health, in this case, I'd recommend you to talk to a local doctor. After examination, you doctor will give you advice on taking a long flight or not. We'd like to share knowledge and information to everyone, however without physical exam it's not ok to provide specific suggestion.
hi i have had a stabbing pain on and off for 4 days now in my left temple my head feels fuzzy some times and going out in the cold makes it worse what should i do
You should call your doctor.
Got a crack in centre of my tongue? Any advice?
Try mouth wash that says to relieve ulcer. You can get it from pharmacy easily. If the crack isn't getting healed in 3 days, call your doctor to get some real medicine. It can be painful. Good luck, dude.