Is Endometrial Cancer a Common Type of Uterine Cancer?

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In 1994 at 8 1/2 months pg,I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer.I delivered my son by C Section & was given a Total Hysterectomy.
In 2004 I had a Pap Smear that came back Abnormal.I was given Chemo for 16 weeks. Everything was fine & I was Cancer Free.
In May of 2018 I was Diagnosed with HIV.Im doing GREAT with my Meds & its Non Detected now. My Blood Count is Great,My CD4 is way over 500 & yes Im still taking Meds for it.
Then two weeks ago I had a pap smear done & it came back Abnomal again.On 2/14/19 I go in hospital to have a Biopsy done.Im NOT gonna LIE,I'm SCARED to get the results. I'm 54 years old & I CANT HANDLE CHEMO or RADIATION Again. I just got My Weight back up from 87# to 120#.My hair Never fully grew back,but I'm fine with that. At least My Health is doing OK,Somewhat.My question is Are there any other Alternatives besides Chemo or Radiation?
I am sorry to tell you there in no other good choice besides Chemo or Radiation at present. maybe sometine in the future.
HIV can cause immudificientcy. Immune monitoring function declines,and lose the function to clean the abnormal cnacer cells.
How is endometrial cancer cured> I have just been diagnosed with it and I am a little nervous about it.
Hello Roberta, there are 5 types of treatment, surgery, chemo, radiation, hormone, targeted therapy. Please keep following up with your doctor. You may also get some useful info from this site.
I was just diagnosed eith Endometrial Cancer June 28,2018.. I had a total hysterectomy and this thursday August 30, 2018 I will have my dirst chemo treatment, the first of six for eigthteen weeks and then I will have radiation. The key to surviving cancer is good attitude and a strong support system and giving it all to the lord...
The key to surviving cancer is good attitude and a strong support system and giving it all to the lord… I would agree with you, thinking positive is a weapon to cancer too. Good luck to you!