How to Use Armour Thyroid?

1 Answer

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in the past thyroid TSH I have gone from 2.?? down to .99 and my hair is thin and my nails are breaking to stubs and I am not as active as I  think I should be. I am taking 50mcg one day and 75mcg the next day but my test has not improved yet my Dr says it is fine. I don't think it is fine
if the doctor says it's ok, I think it's Ok. if your FT3 and FT4 is in the normal level, it means they are in normal level. too much drugs will make Hyperthyroidism,which is no good to your heart.
Dolores. You may want to ask dr. for armour or no thyroid medicine. The synthetic ones are not as effective and dosages can vary. My dr. told me mine was "fine" also, then I had a heart attack, got depression, and other problems. My new dr. put me on animal based thyroid replacement, can't believe the difference. Good luck.