What Is Blurred Vision?

5 Answers

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I have had 4 times in last few weeks that I suddenly get very blurred vision and get very nauseous it only last a few seconds but is very scary
Hello, according to your description, I think of the following two diseases: 1. Otolithic shedding 2. Transient cerebral ischemia (transient stenosis of the arteries supplying the optic nerve). You need to go to the hospital for ENT and neurology to check separately.
I have experienced sudden dizziness with nausea it only last for a few minuets. It has happened several times in last few weeks the eyes feel as though you have on the wrong glasses.
Dizziness and nausea can be symptoms of many disease. stroke  ,brain tumor, and heart disease and kidney failure. you should go to hospital and have tests to find out the cause.
A few days ago, my vision suddenly became very blurry and two days later it was back to normal. I am in no new medications, and have no other new symptoms. I do have PH, as well as an ASD.
Hello Amy, the symptom you described plus the underlying health condition reminds me of the possibility of eye stroke - retinal artery occlusion, this is an emergency and you should get examinations asap. In the case of eye stroke, when treatment isn't in time, vision can be damaged permanently.
My husbands eyes just went blurry took to eye Dr at first said eye infection had drops eyes got worse gave different drops nothing changed eyes are so blurry can't drive now saying needs mri possible tumer
Hello Jen, if the doctor confirms the infection is well controlled(conjunctiva and cornea), and the vision isn't improved, then an MRI is necessary. It might be something compressing the optic nerve so he can't see clearly.
Hello, my name is Carmen on Monday while sitting in my desk at work I started experiencing double vision. All of the sudden everything in front of me was double. Today 11/22/18 has been four days. I did go to the eye doctor they found no cataract my eyes clear. My guestion is why all of the sudden this is happening. I am no taking any medication just had a physical health is good. What should I do.
Hi Mrs. Cajigas, I would suggest you get a head CAT scan.