What Causes Colon Cancer?

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I think I have a chance of colon cancer . I have to go get a test to know how to do it, I do not have insurance.... I really think I have it but I don’t know how to find it...
you should have a Fecal routine and occult blood test. it's easy and cheap, widely used as colon cancer screen. if it's normal, you shouldn't worry too much.
If you even think there may be a possibility of having colonrectal cancer find a way to get checked. Talk to the community health department if one is available. If not go through the emergency room the can give you a list of different places that could help. But please get scanned.
What is Life expectacy of a 69 year old white male with Stage 3 Colon Cancer
5-year survival rate for colon cancer regional is 72%, Mrs. Sultan.
hi, y name is Vilma just l want to say pleases not to diagnose yourself until you see a doctor,

Start to change eating thinking positive help.l will pray you are ok