Positive Attitudes Reduce Risk of Dementia

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My brother was diagnosed with dementia, the Alzheimer's kind, in February 2018.  By June/July I was looking for a nursing home.
 Because of seizures, his neurologist would not prescribe  medications available for dementia.  Researching the internet, I found a natural supplement "RediMind".  After two weeks of taking, cognitive functions began to return: balance, eating, dressing, bed making, bathing, etc.  It is now January 2019, and his dementia symptoms have disappeared.  He's functioning normally.  A miracle.    An absolute miracle!
I am glad to hear he is getting better. normally, it seems nothing will help to ameliorate the progress of  dementia. if it helps you should let him to take it. there is another explanation. maybe it's only because he is in the early stage, the symptom is paroxysmal. wish he get better.