Women Recover Worse Than Men After A Stroke

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I had a stroke in March 162018. The worst thing for me is depression I'm only 49 years old and I feel like my whole world has came crashing down on me I'm lonely all the time with out a whole lot of support from friends and family..I just want my life back on track....
do you still have Sequel after stroke? if it's not serious  you should live it up. get a job  and try to get involved. think about it, you may lose life someday, try to make everyday  count.
I had stroke last March 22, 2018 my problem is the heavy ness in my buttocks and lower abdomen plus I have a heaviness in my left arm and left shoulder I don’t have anything else but that I’m 66 years old I’d like to know how I can get help from this symptoms
Months ago I read a book authored by a Neurologist. There's an interesting story about recovery from stroke. It says to start from the very beginning. When we were all infants, we didn't know how to walk, how to use the hands. Infants learn how to crawl, then to stand, then to use their hands. When people had stroke, it's like you'll need to learn to use the affected limb from zero. You can start from crawling like an infant, when you're able to crawl skillfully, you then stand, and then walk. I think it's interesting, and hope this can be helpful to you.
Hello Ms. Mary, there're options in stroke recovery. You may consider getting a physical therapist or going to a stroke rehab. If you prefer staying at home, there're a few tips. 1. Do you stroke exercise every day, this aims to practice your brain, it's necessary. 2. Force yourself to use the affected limb, let's say your right arm and hand is okay to hold a cup, however you need try to hold the cup with your left arm and hand as much as possible 3. Mirror therapy. This is interesting n a must-try. Use a mirror to cover your affected hand, move your right hand/fingers, make sure you can see the hands/fingers moving in the mirror. Even if you're only moving your right hand, your brain thinks you're moving both hands because of the mirror effect. Once again, the train is for your brain.