What Is Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test ?

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I have hoshimotos. My tsh level is .01 mciu/ml. My Free T4 is 1.3
 I am severly depressed as well
 My Dr. wants to lower my medication again
 What level should my tsh be?
To the normal level. I think you should listen to the doctor.
My tsh is 19,000. What does that mean?
what is the level of FT3 and FT4?IF  they are normal, you should not worry. if they are not oK, you should see a Endocrinologist.
Zoe you don’t know what you are talking about!
My lab test for tsk come back as 2.73 high Sensitivity but my doctor says keep taking my Levothyroxine. My question is why if my test are normal?
Your TSH value is back to normal after taking medicine, that's good. But if you quit, the TSH value will come down again. That's why.
I had thyroid cancer back in 1993 and they removed my thyroid and I have been taking synthroid every since. We have moved and my new doctor said my levels were too high .03... so she lowered my dose and now it is at .02... and she wants to lower my dose again... what should my level be??? I do not have a thyroid at all.
Are you talking about TSH or something else? I guess it's something else,thyroid hormones - T3 or T4, which one is it?
Your doctor is doing the right thing adjusting the dose based on level of thyroid hormone.
Should I have the test with an empty stomach?
Usually fasting(empty stomach) is not required. You'd better do the test in the morning though, because the level of TSH can fluctuate throughout the day. But, in case you're taking medication, you'd discuss with your doctor before the test, some medications can impact the test result.
My tsh level is 162
162 in what unit? First I need to confirm this is the right number for TSH. TSH is usually stated in mIU/L, the noral range is 0.4-4 mIU/L.
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