What are the symptoms of syncope?

3 Answers

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My wife passed out with no warning  All the websites I see says there is some warning  Can anybody help us?
Is she awake now? If not, call 911.
Mr. Moore, it's been a while, if your wife hasn't regained consciousness, you need to call 911 right away. Next time in case it occurs, you put her back to to ground, raise her legs, if she doesn't regain consciousness in a minute, call 911.
The warnings are sometimes with little heads-up, you black out quick but if she feels the weakness have her adjust hey standing position until she sits. I lean allot people don't even realize what I'm doing. Stay out of heat. Be careful after eating because it can drop or accelerate her heart rate. Sounds like your wife has hypotension episodes
Mt daughter has it, she passes out and falls. She lost her job because of it. No Dr can tell her what and why or what can be done for her. Any good Dr in the Canton,  Michigan area?
how old is she ?
brain CT and EEK show nothing?
how the EKG and heart ultrasonic-gram? maybe a EPS(electrophysiological study)should be conduncted by a cardiologist to exclude problems in cardiac conduction system.
if all of these test is ok, VVS(vasovagal syncope)should be considered.  A test called "head-up tilt test" may help to find out.
Dr man out of
Beaumont  outstanding
They put a loop recorder in my chest to verify that’s what the problem was
Tilt table test.  My daughter just had one and was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope.  It is horrible but goes away in 3 to 5 years.  Just put her on home bound
Did the doctor tell you how to treat it? There are 3 kinds of neurocardiogenic syncope:1) heart rate slowing down,then BP dropping ;2)BP dropping, then heart rate slowing down; 3) 2 aspects happen at the same time. Pacemaker can help to guarantee the heart rate won't go down, but's nothing could help about he BP part, unlees syncope happens at hospital every time.