Sling Procedures for Urinary Incontinence

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I had a bladder sling I’m guessing 3-4 years ago and I have suffered with pain and incontinence every since. I really didn’t have an incontinence ptoblem before, but I had a prolapse, so they did that while fixing the prolapse. Now I never feel empty, I have constant pain especially with sex, I often have symptoms of UTI which I never was bothered with before, and now my bowel movements are becoming harder to have and I have a lot of abdominal cramping and IBS. I always have to wear piddle pads and if I have to pee, watch out and point me to the bathroom now and I’m actually dribbling as I run and at times have actually just wet my pants. Three times right after the surgery I wet the bed, once when I wasn’t at home! Very embarrassing! I hate this surgery and I’m so tired of the pain and miss making love with my husband because it hurts more than I can bare!! I’m tired of the constant pain, I’m tired of feeling like I have to really really go and sitting down to just dribble a bit, and I’m really tired of the awful strong horrific smell!!!
Hello, your situation is more complicated, it may be a catheter infection, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.
I'm sorry to know about what you've made through, it's horrible. Yet I think it can't harm to see a good specialist and try to find out why. It can be worse than now, right? So why not take a shot?
I had a sling put on my bladder in the 12th of this month aug a stitch on each sideand yes some pain but surgery went well. Using bladder pads till i see doctor and heal but i feel great
I had the bladder sling done 3 weeks ago june 29, 2018 after going years 4 or 5 times a night. I now am free to sleep it's the best thing I ever did for myself....I am 55yrs association in Hattiesburg, MS
Hello Tina, it's good to know that you are relieved, I feel happy for you. And thanks for sharing the experience, this message will help people. dr. is suggesting i have the sling procedure done. he will do physical in a few weeks. I'm a little scared. I leak all the time use 5 pads a day.
Hi, everybody gets scared when preparing for a surgery, that is just so common. When you actually go through the procedure, you'll know it's way less scary than you actually thought of. Just relax, when you are sent to the surgery room, you'll undergo general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. It's just like taking a shot, in general anesthesia, you'll fall asleep in several seconds. When you wake up, everything is done. You would most likely feel you've had a great sleep.

Just follow all the guidelines your Dr. requires you to do, that's super important, every step is to make sure nothing unexpected occurs, this means to protect from accidents as much as possible. For example, you'll be required fasting, you have to do it strictly.
People just like to talk i had mibe put on aug 12 abd still in pain cause it was done recently but i feel good. I wear the pads but thats until i get better
Please be extremely cautious when allowing a doctor to implant a mesh sling. I had this done 8 months ago & have had nothing but pain & problems. Do NOT have repairs done with mesh. Doctors can suspend your bladder with your own ligaments or from a pig. Research this before you trust your doctor. Mesh DOES NOT work for everyone. I trusted my doctor who said mesh was the best for this procedure. How I regret trusting him. Biggest mistake of my life....
I had a bladder sling surgery first part of May. I have had nothing but life changing pain that is spreading and getting worse every day. I can’t sit without pain and bending also makes things worse. I have a huge amount of swelling and inflammation that has spread from the pelvic area and to my inner thighs. I would never recommend this surgery to anyone. I have heard of using your own tissue if this needs to be done. I would look into that before having a regular bladder sling surgery. This pain has also spread to being sciatica type pain and neuropathy type pain in my buttocks, legs and feet. Run away fast from getting this type of surgery.