How to Differ the Stomach Ache and Abdominal Pain?

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Wat about severe cramps where ovaries are same spot on lower back and imedeatly running to the bathroom with explosive diarrea doctors dont listen for anything
it is  a occasional thing or common thing? I am not sure about your situation ,but Abdominal  ultrasound should be done. If your body weight is ok, It can be IBD(Irritable bowel syndrome).
Hello. My mom had a fecal transplant the week of New Year's Day. Ever since then she has been experiencing stomach pain, nausea and diaherra ( which has been almost black in color and has a strong smell throughout the apartment. I just don't think that that is normal. She went back 2 the hospital that did the transplant and all they said was that when they put the scope down her throat to look into her stomach all they saw was a small polop so they took and biopsyed it however we havent heard anything back about it so that's good Im guessing. I just need 2 know why she is still in pain, nauseaed and still having diaherra?
Fecal transplant is a leading-edge therapy. I am not familiar about the side effects. Besides, you should see the doctor and consult the result of biopsy of polp.