What Is the Life Expectancy of Wegener's Disease?

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Will nerve damage in feet and legs due to vasculitis from wegners disease return to normal?
It is possible to see this happen. since damage of wegners disease is systemic. if you can't find other reason for your symptom, it can be caused by wegners disease.
Is the Wegener's  disease  curable?
There's no cure for it currently. Early diagnosis and treatment could help manage it.
No, it is not currently curable though it is treatable. Also, the condition is now known as granulomatosis with polyangiitis. Use of the term "Wegener's granulomatosis" or "Wegener's disease" or any other similar variant is strongly discouraged since it was named after Friedrich Wegener, a Nazi.
Why nazi?  Nothing to do with info.  Like saying, he’s black, or Asian etc…
The prognosis of wegener's disease is not good. According to some studies, the life expectancy for it is 67.1+/- 4.4 months.
What if The kidneys and lungs are affected
Wegner's granulomatosis is a kind of vasculitis that commonly involve the kidneys and lungs. The prognosis is dismal when both are involved. Particularly, it would cause kidney failure and massive hemoptysis that would be life-threatening