What Causes Iron Deficiency Anemia?

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Can too much iron cause dizziness?
prescribed dosage of iron supplyment won't cause dizziness. anemia can cause dizziness.
Can anemia cause you not to have a normal period?
it's possible. what do you mean by "not to have a normal period"? An abnormality in the menstrual cycle or the amount of bleeding? In patient with anemia,the color of the menstrual blood is pink or light red, the menstrual blood is very thin or the amount of menstruation is reduced, and the menstrual period is very short. The situation of late menstruation is very serious and often drags on for more than 40 days. On the contrary, massive bleeding in the period can lead to anemia.
Can severe Anemia cause Body aches and pains?
Yes it can I have severe iron deficiency anemia when mine is low my hamstrings on both legs Hurt severe and I can't hardly squat down or reach real low to the ground to get something nearly impossible because of the severe pain
Usually not.
My hamstrings do the same thing.
It is not always about anemia. Go to see an orthopedic surgeon to find out. If it is caused by iron deficiency, then taking iron supplements with vitamin C could be helpful.