How Does Blood Clot?

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Brilliant but how do you stop the growth what does the blood clots feels like do you get a lump or just pain
blood clot is a natural process to keep you from bleeding. such as: you have a knife cut in the hand,the blood begin to clot soon. that's how you stop bleeding.
blood clot inside the vessels is a bad situation ,resulting in Pulmonary embolism,Deep vein thrombosis. coranary heart disease, myocardial infaction. these situation can be dangerous.
Shoulder surgery 1 week ago. Large bruise on upper srn.  No pain until tonight.  Could mean clot?
I'm thinking of infection, anyway it can't be good. Contact your surgeon.
I've had pain in the back of my legs and I was wondering if you had a blood clot does it hurt. My family runs alot of problems with blood clots
This is possible. It is advised that you get a leg ultrasound scan to see whether you have a blood clot or not. Additionally, get a blood test called D-dimer which is very sensitive for blood clots
Well what medicine do you take for  a clot in your lungs
do you mean you have Pulmonary embolism?you should take Rivaroxaban as the doctor told you.
I have had pain in my ankle radiating to arch.. It aches and when walking shooting pain in injury. Could it be stress fracture or maybe blood clot
More likely plantar and/or soft tissue injury, I think.
I have three blood clots above my ankle two are 100% blocked and the other one is half blocked. Been to two Drs. They said they can't help me the arteries are too Spyro and they can get you them would love some advice .
I'll bet the doctors you've been seeing have prescribed anticoagulants to you?
I did a open heart surgery 3 months ago and one month ago i went back to hospital they said they found a blood clot on my heart they put me on blood thinner and after one month they said i have to go for an open heart surgery again to remove a blood clot but they also said it may be something wich wasnt there before my first surgery that i do becouse they want to do ir urgent i feel suspicious
It's hard to say.
Do you have your test results, like MRI image, CT images? If you think it's suspicious you'd get the test images before and after so you can know the facts.
Can a blood clot in your lower leg, travel up to your hip?
A blood clot in your leg that is associated with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can cause your lower leg to be sore, swollen, and red. A blood clot that develops deep in the veins of one of your legs can result in serious complications. If the leg clot doesn’t dissolve naturally, it can travel through your veins, and  cause a pulmonary embolism eventually. However, there is no report about it travelling up to your hip.

Blood clots form in the legs due to poor circulation, injury to the veins, a side effect of medication, or complication after surgery. Sitting for long periods of time when flying or driving can also increase your risk of deep vein thrombosis. Because of the potentially fatal complications of a blood clot deep in a vein, you should never ignore signs of DVT.