What Causes Blood Clots?

2 Answers

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Today my Dr called me to let me know that my D-dimer came back abnormal which means they think I may have blood clots in my lungs. So I'm pretty freaked out right now and want to know more information I can get.
Hello, D-dimer is indeed an auxiliary test for thrombosis, but you don't have to worry too much, it is not certain. And there could be thrombosis in other parts of the body. Even if it's in your lung, there's a cure. Try to calm and relax first. Go see your doctor and you'll be in good hands.
On Friday,February 1,2019 I got the worsen call about my 71 year old mama , she's had a stroke then she got flown in a different state away from me , to find out she had/has a clot on her brain, on this day February 7,2019 ..6 days later found out she'll have to have rehabilitation for how long idk , thank god for Tristar Medical Center in Nashville,Tn for saving my mom. Teresa Muse
Thank God you mom's fine now. Pray for her.