What Means a Blood Clot in Arms and Legs?

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I had surgery and ablation last Friday on my right and left where they went up through the veins in the groin. My left arm feels very sore under my armpit feels bruised looks a little purple could that be a blood clot and why?
If the coagulation function is normal, the thrombus is not considered, most likely subcutaneous ecchymosis. Is your blood routine normal?
English please for a non medical person
I think Jackie Springer means that it's not a blood clot if the body functions normally to make blood change from a liquid to a gel, so as to stop blood loss. Since it's unlikely to be a blood clot, Jackie thinks it shoul d be discoloration on the skin due to bleeding beneath the skin. It takes me minutes to understand it...
All I want to know is what to do after having blood drawn from my arm it seems like I've have a blood clot what is the procedure for correcting this
Do you mean the bruise on the skin after blood was drawn? The bruise will disappear in a few days to weeks.
MY HEART THREW A BLOOD CLOT TO MY STOMACH AND ONE  MY LEG,  The !  had to do surgery to the one in my s letting bloodthinner disolve the one in my leg  !  Is it rare to have one in the stomach ⁉️THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
Yes, the stomach one is rare. I am curious to know how your doctor diganosed it! Generally the doctors would only care embolus to the legs and the brain, because these organs are susceptible to reduced bloodflow. To my knowledge, the embolus to the stomach is very rare
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