What Are the Possible Effects of Blood Clots?

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Between my legs in the middle between my knee n up I have a pain n feels like a small ball but it's in the inside I don't have redness or nothing but I feel pain wen I press down so I stroke my pain  wat could it be
you should have a X-ray to check out the bones. it's hard to say what it is only according to your describtion.
How long do you need to be on blood thinner if you haven't had any clots in 3 years
Hello, What blood clot did you have in the past? How was it treated? The answer to your question relies on your medical history and treatment. All the best. HTQ
What else can I do besides the blood thinners to make it easy on me til I have a Cardiac MRI?
I take Hawthorn supplement every day, I feel much improved during the past two years. Better than betaloc.
Is that an over-the-counter medicine