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how serious is a creatinine level of1.75
it's a little higher than the normal level. you should see a doctor and find out the reason of this.
My level is .36 do I have to worry about it being so low?
you don't need to worry. this low result can be related to your low protein intake.
My creatinine is 1.11 effective 61
It's normal, no need to worry.
Urinalysis results from a test  age 44 male is 10-0 300.0 mg% Is this to high ? The albumin/Globuline is 1.6
Hello, what is the result of 10-0 300.0 mg%? Does albumin / Globuline refer to the ratio of albumin (ALB) to globulin (GLB) in liver function tests? The normal value of A/G is 1.5-2.5. Your results are within the normal range.
Hi I am fairly healthy 70 year woman. urine test shows Creatinine 2.3 mmo l/L with total protein 0.06 g/L.
 I want to avoid anitbiotics if poss...is this reading acceptable...if I drink more water etc?  Would appreciate any help thanks
I can't understand your question. do you have chronic kidney disease? high serum creatine?high urine protein? have you see a doctor? I think you should see a doctor and find out what is going on. find out the reason of abnormal result.
Hi, I think you had a random urine test, the urine creatinine is 2.3 mmol/L, which is about 26 mg/dL, the reference for a woman is 30-250 mg/dL I think(not precisely), but a low number is okay. Urine protein 0.06 g/L is 6 mg/dL, it's also within the normal range. You're doing fine. Where did you get the tests though? They're in the measurement units that are barely used in U.S.
My level of creatinine was347mgl is this bad?
you mean your creatinine was 347mg/l=0.347mg/dl? If so, creatinine critical Values > 4 mg/dL indicates serious impairment in renal function. Do not warry.
my creatinine level is 1.43,is this bad. I am 76 years old on high blood medication,colesterol,anti inflammatory,intestional medication,do these add to the level. thank You
It depends on which drug you are taking? You can read the introduction paper of the drug and consult a doctor.
Albert' Casselberry Florida, my creatinine level is 3.49 H what dose this mean. I am 235 lbs. & Trying to lose weight.
Hello, it means impaired kidney function. You will need to follow up with your health provider.
My creatinine level was 3.65 'I was dehydrated really bad. Should I be concerned about the effects it might have damaged my kidneys. Or will they be ok?
Hello. You may re-test it when you recover. If the result comes out fine then, you'll be sure that your kidney is fine.
My random urine creatinine was 57.2 mg/dl ! I am 58, male ! What does thus mean ?
Hello Mel, in random urine creatinine, 57.2 mg/dl is within the normal range. In 24 hours, a man has 500-2000 mg creatinine in the urine on average, the daily urine is close to 2000 ml, dl means 100 ml, so you can count an approximately range of normal value.

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