Creatinine - Normal Range

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My creatinine level is 1.30 is that high
Normal range for adults women is 0.6-1.2 mg/dL. 1.3 mg/dL is a bit high. Please follow up with your doctor.
What does creatinine of 235 mean??? I had blood test and urinalysis done for an insurance policy that I was about to purchase and the nurse that came out emailed me and said that my urine/protein creatinine of 235
Hello, If you meant urine protein to creatinine ratio(urine protein/creatinine), the normal ratio in adults and children over 2 years is less than 0.2 grams of protein per gram of creatinine. It may vary slightly from lab to lab. A high level of urine protein-to-creatinine ration indicates possibiity of kidney dysfunction. If you meant urine creatinine, the normal range is 500 to 2000 mg per 24 hours. All the best. HTQ
What would 70.5 mg/dl mean , is this unhealthy kidney function
If you're asking about creatinine level - is your number 70.5 mg/dl or 70.5 mcmol/L (micromoles per liter) ? If it's 70.5 mcmol/l, the value is fine.
Serum creatinine 70.5 mg/dl, I’ve seen it on Uremia with no dialysis processed. I would doubt your value is 70 mcmol/L.
My urine creatinine was 0.87 mg/dl on 6/15; 1.30 mg/dl on 7/4; and 131 mg/dl on 7/13 (after a hearty meal at Souplantation). At present I am taking Flomax after prostate procedure. But my urine protein ratio is 8 mg/dl. The 131 mg/dl looks very high to me. Your advise?
Hello Moseo, you're right, 131 mg/dl is high.
55 yr old male...1.34 was my Creatinine marker from my last blood draw along with: BUN 22 eGFR if non African 59 L. I workout and take supplements of Wheyprotein, and Creatine supplements. Please translate what this means, as I am overly concerned...
Hello, if you meant blood creatinine 1.34 mg/dl, BUN 22, eGFR 59, blood creatinine value is a bit higher than normal, BUN is higher than normal, eGFR is lower than normal. The result indicates decreased kidney function, I'll recommend that you follow the guidance of a urologist.
I am 77 years old and creatinine level is.50----- my bun is 11.0. The bun/creatinine ratio is 22. Is there a problem with those numbers?
Serum creatinine 0.5 is a normal value, BUN 11 is a normal value. BUN/Creatinine ratio 22 is a bit elevated but it's usually due to dehydration. Kidney damage generally leads to lower BUN/creatinine ratio.
Both creatinine and BUN are good. No problem.
My Bun/creatinine ratio is 14.1. Creatinine is 1.28. Should I be concerned?
The BUN/creatinine ratio is normal, the creatinine is a bit higher than normal. Not a big problem. Since the creatinine is a bit higher than normal, you'd follow up with a urologist to identify the cause. This requires some other tests.
The ratio is normal, Creatinine slightly high. You'd commence a kidney friendly diet.
If you have a lot of lower back pain like me, to the point you can't physically walk, then yes you need to take action. And drink Apple juice it'll help with the pain a lot, if that's why your lower back is hurting. Good luck bless you.
Albumin/Creatine Ratio my value is 344.83 Std range is 17.00
Proteinuria, meaning the kidney is somehow damaged. Albumin is a type of protein which should stay in the blood not in the urine. Clinically when the ACR goes over 30 mg/mmol a re-test is required.
hi, Can you please advise diet and water intake as my Creatinine has been stadily going up from 1.3 to 1.5 and now it is 1.6. I do hae high blood pressuer and Triglycerides, and cholesterol with borderline sugar levels. Uric acid is also high Trying to diet with statin meds as per above, seem to contradict one another and increases levels, and hence a proper diet has been difficult toa chieve and reduce. concerned about the creatine Best regards,
It's not a diet problem, but a treatment problem.
My creatine levels have run romantic 2.3 to 2 for 5 months now I drink lots of water and watch water I eat but nothing is helping. I have been told. I am in stage 4 kidney failure. I don't know what to do.
Hi, at stage 4 what you do is to keep your kidney from getting worse, this requires treatment of complications, managing/preventing heart disease, take medication, cut down salt, etc.