Creatinine - Normal Range

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How is it possible for my serum Creatine to be 1.2 (normal) and my urine creatine to be 355 (high)?
It happens. The serum creatinine is normal, you should be fine. Random urine test is more for reference.
I am an African American male with a creatinine level 0f 139. What does that mean.
It's a bit higher than the normal level. Please visit a Urologist.
My serium creatnine is 4.5 and my bun creatinine is 10! Do I need dialysis?
BUN creatinine ratio 10:1 is still within normal range, creatinine is higher than normal. Let your Dr. diagnose but you're far far away from dialysis.
Is 1.83 too high for a person with one kidney?
Hi Mr. Cassel, in your case, 1.83 mg/dL in serum creatinine is acceptable. I'm sure your urologist has had a medication and diet plan for you, try your best to stick to the plans.
My creatinine was 184 normal I was told was around 40 to 70. I just went to a buffet and ate 14 pieces of fried chicken a plate of red beans, and a plate of potatoes and other vegetables, my kidneys, my back hurts so bad sometimes, but he'll ima die eating and happy.
You're super optimistic. If you just try to eat in a healthier way I'll bet you'll live for long long time. The secret of longevity is actually being optimistic, and less diet.
Why does my doctor say that standard range of creatinine is within 20-320 mg do?
You doctor meant urine creatinine. :)
What does a creatinine of 1.50 mg/ld mean in a man of 66yrs old and bun 18 he been having mini strokes
Dear Ms. Parker, Creatinine normal range for your age is 0.6-1.2 mg/dL, yours is higher. BUN normal range is 8-20 mg/dL, yours is within the normal range. In this case, calculating your GFR will help to know the stage of the kidney problem. Here's a calculator of GFR provided by National Kidney Foundation. When you input your information, the GFR result will come out. The GFR information page can tell you the staging for each GFR value. Cheers, HTQ staff
My creatinine level this year is 0.98 last year wasted 0.90 may legs are  swollen all the time
The swelling in my legs it can be closed for the creatinine
It's possible. Do you have Proteinuria? Other possible diseases: heart failure, liver dysfunction. You'll need to see a doctor to make a specific diagnosis.
My creatinine is1.49. Is this a problem and how can I lower it
May I ask your age, gender and ethnicity? You can calculate your eGFR at If your eGFR>90, it is then not a problem. Otherwise, you should go to see a nephrologist.