Free light chains - Normal Range

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My free kappa light chain is low what does this mean
In a healthy individual, the total kappa to lambda ratio is roughly 2:1 in serum (measuring intact whole antibodies) or 1:1.5 if measuring free light chains, with a highly divergent ratio indicative of neoplasm.
There are no international reference products for free light chain, and the detection methods are not uniform. Therefore, the test results of different manufacturers' kits are incomparable.
Low kappa light chain is not related to disease. if it is high , you should see a Hematologist.
My blood work says free kappa lt.chains.s and my levels are 35.6 its saying high.but I'm confused what does this mean I have no clue about any of it.maybe someone could explain it to me
Hello Sherri, free kappa light chains is an indicator for plasma cell disorders (dyscrasias) such as multiple myeloma, primary amyloidosis. Yet this test must be interpreted in conjunction with other laboratory and clinical findings. I'd bet that your primary doctor has got other indicators tested. I'll recommend you to discuss with him.
trying to understand some test resaults. can you tell me what polyclonal population exspressing cd19 cd20 cd23 with polyclonal light chainexspression means
Hello Jean. CD19, CD20, CD23 are markers in Immunophenotyping, they're used to identify specific type of leukaemia or lymphoma. What are your numbers?
My test result showed the ratio between lambda/kappa protein was slightly elevated. Should I see a hematology oncologist and what does this mean?
First you look at the values of lambda and kappa, if both are fine and the ratio is lightly elevated, it doesn't mean it's plasma cell disorders.
Yes please see the hematology oncologist.