What Are the Causes of Kidney Cancer?

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I have 2 small lumps in my arm is that a sign
A sign of what? Cancer?
The symptom is not the common sign of kidney cancer, but it's not normal either. Recommend to check out with a doctor .
Can asbestos and mold cause kidney cancer
Hello, Asbestos exposure is one of the risk factors to common kidney cancer. It's actually related to various cancers. All the best. HTQ
I'm stage 2 kidney disease. How can i make sure I never get this type of renal cell cancer? How high are my chances??
It's true that CKD and kidney cancer are somehow connected. Researchers don't know everything yet. What they do know is toxins including analgesic and aristolochic acid nephropathies, is a risk factor for both CKD and kidney cancer. And dialysis, kidney transplant are risk factors for kidney cancer. So the suggestion is: 1. manage the CKD, delay the progression of disease and delay the occurence of dialysis or kidney transplant 2. stay away from the toxins 3. take annual cancer screening