Is My Leg Pain a Sign of DVT?

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About 2 weeks ago I stepped up on my porch and heard something pop in the back of my leg. I went to Eric in a lot of pain where at that time they did an X-ray and put me on crutches and a leg brace. Since then under my knee has a swollen area and I have been in unbelievable pain.  The swollen area is the size of  one side of a baseball. Even resting I'm in a lot of pain! Can you advise me on what to do?
it is a natrual process. if you can not stand the pain, ask the doctor for pain-killer.
I thought yesterday it was a cramp starting but it didn't get worse it's still there and is sore.
Hello, maybe you have told me about other symptoms before, but now I can't see it here, I need to have a detailed understanding of you to help you, please send me the previous chat history. If not, please tell me where you are in pain, where is cramps? Are there any other symptoms? Thank you.
I also have pain lower left stomach, headache, feel like full of gas, overall sickly feeling
I am not sure about this? have you been diagnosed with DVT? Are you susceptible to Thromboembolism? It can also be in the Mesenteric vessel and show pain in stomach, full of gas, sickly feeling. Gastritis can also cause these symptoms.  see a Gastroenterologist ASAP. if you can't stand the pain, go to ER ASAP.