Which Blood Test Should I Take for a DVT Confirmation?

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I am 62 years old and have recently felll off my back porch stairs. I went to hospital the next day. My right leg had large shin bruise and foot was severely swollen. Doc sent me home. Saw nothing wrong . Did xrays. 5 days later and went back to hospital ER. Leg and foot was twice as swollen and shin was hot. Doc did CT Scan. I have  fallen in the past on same legand had 4 blood clots and was on Xarelto for about a year. I told doc that and she ordered Doppler test because my d dimer was elevated. They said no blood clots and sent me home. Well it's 5 more days and my leg is still twice as big. It's still hot and I'm
Afraid to walk on this foot because it's so swollen I'm afraid it's going to split... What do you think?
Hi Mrs. Whitmore, after X-RAY and CT scan, your doctor should have excluded the possibility of bone fracture. Doppler test have excluded the deep vein thrombosis. So you can relax as the doctor told you to, since
it's bruise. It takes days to get better, well can't expect to recover as fast as you were 26, right? Let's be patient and try not to stand on the wounded leg, that's not friendly to the bruise. And try not to stay still, that's too friendly to the formation of deep vein thrombosis. Take pian-killer if the discomfort makes you sleepless. You'll get better.