Am I Vulnerable to Severe Mental Illness ?

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Anything and everything to show my boyfriend what can be called bulling to someone mental health issues. Like another girl he talks to online and smart remarks towards that person or mental health remarks like is it the full moon. Forward stuff from his page a video thinks it's funny but what I see are words mental health awareness.
Hello, you and your boyfriend have different opinions about something. You can't say that your boyfriend may have mental illness because of this. Someone always has strange thoughts, such as always feeling that being alive is meaningless, this is no need to see a psychiatrist. Of course, if you think your boyfriend is a bit strange, for safety, it is also recommended to talk to the psychiatrist.
can a person have a mental illness for just saying that they don't care if they live or die and be put into a mental health unit.
Does the person say it or mean it? Honestly I say so sometimes, that doesn't mean anything. If the person tries again and again to suicide that'll be a different thing. Not professional, just chime in.