Creatinine Clearance - Normal Range

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Hi. I'm a 36yr old female. My creatine level is 1.4. I used to be a heavy drinker but now the docters have me on about6 different medications. I have many health issues. What should I do?
you should stop drinking and take medication , do follow-up to make sure your creatine is not increasing.
My creatinine is 5. Can it be stablized without dialysis?
I am not sure about the cause of high creatine. if it's a treatable cause ,you will be fine. it's untreatable, I guess you need to do dialysis all the time.
Usually the cause of rising creatinine is kidney failure so yes, dialysis indeed. Your creatinine is extremely high and I'm sure you know that is not a good thing.
if your creatinine is 5 mg/dl,it means you have renal failure. since it is high, you need to do regular dialysis to protect the rest renal function and your body.
I am a 50 year old nonsmoker. I got blood work back today. Glucose 64
Creatinine Serum 0.68
Lymphocytes 21.6
And... on a side note... my urine has had the weirdest smell the last six months.. I am a little nervous. Thanks
I don'k know the Unit of your number. if the doctor say nothing, i think it's should have you urine test. don't worry.
Your creatine levels are fine the interval is 0.57 to 1.00 anything over that is high glucose again 65 to 99 is the reference interval your glucose is 64 ontarget no worries people shouldn't answer questions they don't know what the result ratio is you're fine
I will be turning 57 this year and just 2 weeks ago I had my creatinne level test - the result is 77 - i have inherited Polycystic Kidney Disease - is my creatinne level still good? Above is a different measurement of creatinne - for females the normal is 88 to 128ml/min - how can i compare it to my result - 77? At what stage am i now? Drinking a lot of water - will it help to postpone the enlargement of these cysts?? Many thanks for the info.
Hello, do you mean your creatinine clearance rate is 77? Your creatinine clearance is slightly reduced and is in the stage of renal function compensation. Polycystic kidney disease currently has no way to stop the progression of the disease. Take care to prevent complications.
My creatinine level was 196, does that mean I’m pre kidney failure?
Hello, do you mean serum creatinine or urine creatinine? Is the unit μmol/L? High serum creatinine and elevated serum creatinine may be due to renal function damage and kidney problems, but simple high serum creatinine may also be due to hyperthyroidism, acromegaly and so on. So when serum creatinine rises, we must do other kidney tests to avoid misdiagnosis or delays. It is recommended that you consult a professional nephrologist in detail in order to clarify the condition and never neglect it so as not to cause irreparable regret.
I just got my lab results today. I will be turning 62 yrs old in 2 weeks. I'm a female and my Glucose indicated it's high.
132 mg / dl. Should I be extremely worried. My mom past away 2 years ago from renal disease. My two younger sisters were recently diagnosed with diabetes, not insulin but taking medication. I currently have BM issues. Could this also be a factor for my Glucose to be high? And will I have to take medication from now on? Worried...
Your blood glucose is high, did your doctor diagnose you diabetic? Have you run any tests about insulin? I think you need to go back to the doctor, get the diagnosis, you may need to start on medication. If you manage your blood glucose well you kidney can be less impaired. When you said BM issue, do you mean bone marrow or BMI? If it's a BMI issue, yes, obesity isn't good for either blood sugar, blood pressure, kidney, liver, heart... So get a lifestyle change, do more physcial exercises, take low GI foods, etc.
Im 78 and my latest creatinine level was 2.1
I am an insulin dependent diabetic, and I'm overweight. What's the best thing I can do to help.
Hello, the creatinine clearance rate of 2.1 ml / s is within the normal range. Diabetes patients must control their blood sugar within the normal range to ensure normal kidney function. Your weight also needs to be controlled. Try to manage your diet better and do exercise.
My creatinine level is 108 and my gfr is it possible that I was dehydrated when the test was given causing this?
Hello Roger, it's possible. If you doubt the result, you may re-test it. If the result comes similar, you'd get treatment.
my eecent test listed creatinine at 1.5 and shows high .is th t i.5 ahigh figure gfr is 41.I am 87 years old
Hi John, for serum creatinine 1.5 mg/dL is higher than normal, GFR 41% is moderate kidney function damage, but at your age, the values are acceptable. Yet, it's always helpful when you visit your doctor regularly.
My number for creatinine is 310 is that high?
Which test is it? If it's a random urine, creatinine 310 mg/dL is within normal range. If it's a 24-hour urine test, the normal range is 500-2000 mg/day.