Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) - Normal Range

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LDH 234, Total protein 5.0, BUN/CRE ratio 39, BUN 30, Total Chol. 221, LDL cholesterol 155, HDL cholesterol 47, I am 61 year old.  HB A1c 5.8, Fasting glucose 100, other electrolytes results are fine.
Hello, your LDL is higher than normal and BUN is higher than the normal value. The normal serum total protein value is 60-80 g/L, you said 5.0 which is too low, I suspect that we mean different, I suggest you complete the results. For hyperlipidemia, you need to take blood lipid lowering drugs, combined with diet exercise treatment. BUN high means you have kidney damage, it is recommended to further check kidney ultrasound.
The person writing that last remark should not give medical information, the elevated BUN , and BUN/creatinine ratio indicates need for increased fluids not kidney damage , an isolated BUN elevation is possibly from CKD but frequently is a reflection of fluid status w/o underlying renal insufficiency
My test is so high, I’m kinda scared!!!! It’s at 360 and I’m 54 yrs old. Don’t have a Doctor.. what shall I do???
Hello Mr. Mcpherson, since you had a test of LD, what else test did you have and what are the results like? A high LD indicates potential problem with heart or lung or liver or kidney or tumor, you'll need combine other tests.
My blood test showed GFR 58 and LdH at 286. My ABS, MCV, Monocytes(absolut), Neutrophiles are all high. Red blood count is 14.1,erythr is 37. Cumulative reports show Neutro Auto as 84.7%
What does LDH 237 mean