Any Natural Remedies for Blood Clots?

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I have a damaged vein in back of head. I have had a few strokes in my past due to this. My doctor has me on warfarin and I have been trying to find something that would be best for this problem I have had seizures in my younger years as well.
Dabigatran Etexilate, or Rivaroxaban, both are blood thinners. You can discuss with your doctor.
Those aren't all natural =/
I'm sure Google could give you several answers.
So right that's what I am looking for as well
Nattokinase is the best natural blood thinner, fish oil comes runner-up.
Blood clot is a big deal, don't believe "so-called" natural remedy, it won't work. If it works, it's called FDA approved drug. Just take aspirin, it's safe, it ever works against cancer, it's been used for long time.
Never trust the FDA
Amen. I don't trust the FDA either.  Aspirin can cause you to hemorrhage. It still has side effects. No drug is safe.
Nattokinase, the enzyme from Japanese Natto, is said effective in preventing blood clot, more effective than anything else we used to know, like fish oil, fruits, ginger.
I have 30 percent blockage in my artery, I'm on Hawthorn extract, the guy in Walgreen said it's helpful. I've been on Hawthorn for 2 years, I do feel it's helpful. I seldom feel out of breath and my pulse goes stable.
Bromalain us good for disolving  blot clots it taken on an empty stomach it absorbs into the lining of your stomach and goes into your blood stream. I had a good clot in my right leg right below my knee and I started taking the bromalain and the blood clot went away. It comes from pineapples.