Red Blood Cell (RBC) Count - Normal Range

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New onset blood in stool ×3 day then stopped . labs showed tnx 3.6 .  how to correct this.
Need to find out if you have internal bleeding, it can be dangerous.  i don't know if your RBC count and Hb is normal or not. Besides you can have some  Oral iron supplement.
My HCT is 31.7, HGB is 10.3, MCV is 102, RBC is 3.1, CRP is 1.0.  Adult female 56yrs. White.  Can You help disipher(?) Ty
i can't understand your question. CRP IS ok.
HGB is a little low, take enough nutrition.
You're not having inflammation but it seems you have anemia, nutrition supply will be good to you. Do you take alcohol regularly? If you do, try to quit. That can be the cause.
My red blood cell are high. What can cause this?
what's the number?
have you ever went to high altitude localities? or  do you live in high altitude localities?
I have enlarged red blood cells. What does this mean
How much is the red blood cell larger than the normal value? how about the RBC count and hemoglobin concentration, PLC count , WBC count? Only the enlarged red blood cells may have no significant meaning.
You should retest CBC in a week. If the size is still much bigger than normal range, you should see a Hematologist.
After you've had chemo how can you raise your platelets
Low platelets is a common side effect of chemotherapy. When it goes too low, doctors will consider platelet transfusion. There're quite a few articles about foods and nutrition helpful to raise platelets, but in this case medication is much stronger than food, and platelet transfusion is faster than medicaiton.
My count was 3.20 what do I do to raise it to normal range
If the low RBC is due to malnutrition, you'll just need to eat better. There are some other causes, including chronic kidney disease, inflammation, chronic infection. When the cause is solved, the RBC goes back to normal.
Mine is at 6.04 adult male should i be worried?
High RBC is often related to low oxygen level, dehydration, kidney disease, bone marrow disease. You doctor may test your oxygen saturation, it's an easy test and it takes a few seconds to know. Your value is slightly high, I would suggest a second test sometime later and make sure you're hydrated before the test.