Is Hyperammonemia Dangerous?

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I have had liver disease for some time now....reading this site has made me aware that I have had the symptoms of hyperammonia a number of times I litterally felt like I was going to die  right in my bed...I would really like to chat with someone while I m coherant enough to read and respond...I am more aware of the foods that are high in ammonia...I am insistant on turning this around if  it is not too late..
Hello, I would be honored if the content of the website helped you. Please adhere to medication, reasonable diet, pay attention to ensure adequate sleep, and delay the progress of the disease. From 11:00 to 3:00 in the evening, blood flows through the liver and gallbladder. At this time, the body should be completely rested. Otherwise, the repair function of the liver is affected. Therefore, it is not suitable for work that is too depleted at night. Proper rest helps strengthen liver health. Since ammonia poisoning is the main cause of hepatic encephalopathy, reducing ammonia absorption and enhancing ammonia excretion are the main means of drug treatment. Therefore, in addition to diet control, it is recommended that you strengthen the treatment of drugs.