C-reactive Protein (CRP) - Why Test It?

15 Answers

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My c-rp test from lifeline screening just came back rated high risk. 18.3 . should i be concerned?
It's a bit high for female. Usually it means infection.
Mine came back at 1.5 my dr referred me to an endocrinologist. Should I be worried?
Hello Ms. Deborah, if your CRP came back 1.5 mg/dL, that's higher than normal, if your primary referred you to an endocrinologist, he might think you may have chronic inflammation like RA.
I’m trying to find out myself mine shows 0.70 is that high.what can I do and what does it mean.
CRP at 0.7 mg/L is within normal range. hs-CRP at 0.7 mg/L is also normal. According to the American Heart Association, you are at low risk of developing cardiovascular disease if your hs-CRP level is lower than 1.0 mg/L.
My blood test for CRP came back at 0.32, is this okay?
For standard CRP, 0.32 mg/L is good.
My CRP was 7.0 my Dr. was checking me for RA or Lupus my RA factor was 10. What does this mean? I'm a 62 year old female.
high CRP and RF are indicated for autoimmune disease. THAT means there is a small chance that you have RA. Definite diagnosis depends on the anti-CCP and other symptoms and signs.