Rotator Cuff Injury - Symptoms and Signs

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This is been over 2 months it sounds like a tear also it’s my right shoulder and my right hand always going to sleep speacialy when I use it
The rotator cuff consists of the tendons of supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis muscles, which attach to the edge of the greater tubercle of humerus and the anatomical neck of humerus. The inner surface of rotator cuff is closely connected with the articular capsule and the outer surface is the subdeltoid bursa. Surrounding the upper end of the humeral head, the humeral head can be incorporated into the glenoid so as to stabilize the joint, assist shoulder joint abduction, and have rotation function. The supraspinatus muscle is attached to the upper part of the greater tubercle of humerus and often suffers from the abrasion of acromioclavicular ligament. From the point of view of anatomical structure and mechanical stress, this part is the weak point of the rotator cuff. When the shoulder joint engages in abduction abduction, it is liable to rupture. Because of the gravity of the limb and the pulling of the rotator cuff, the tear becomes larger and harder to heal.

Most of them are males over 40 years old. For young people, most of them have a history of severe trauma. Because rotator cuff is protected by acromion, direct violence rarely causes rotator cuff rupture. Indirect violence is mainly caused by degenerative upper extremity abduction of rotator cuff with age, sudden adduction of palm support and rupture, especially due to the weakness of supraspinatus muscle and the greatest traction, so it is easy to rupture, accounting for about 50%.
Rotator cuff injury can be divided into two types according to the degree of rupture: partial rupture and complete rupture. If not handled properly, partial rupture may develop into complete rupture.

(1) Clinical manifestations
Most of them are males over 40 years old. If the rotator cuff is broken, the patient often feels tear noise, local swelling, subcutaneous hemorrhage. The local pain after injury is limited to the shoulder top, which is released to the deltoid insertion point. The tenderness between the greater tubercle and the acromion
I believe i have a torn rotator cuff or some kind of injury related but in the same area, i need help! Some one please give me some advice! I want this pain to leave and never come back!
@Kontie Cannon If you really want to have this pain gone and never come back, then you must see an orthopedic surgeon who specialize in this area. Addtionally, a shoulder MRI is essential to determine the type and severity of this rotator cuff injury.
I hurt my shoulder at work have been in PT for almost a month still have pain with any use with weight over 5 lbs should they take an MRI or I heard ultrasound also?
Absolutely! Ultrasound is cheap, but it is not very nice and clear to see the pathologies. MRI is expensive, but its images are very informative for guiding subsequent treatments.
i have the same pain in my shoulder.burns,and i cant pull up or hold weight on it.i cant even sleep on my shoulder.
Definitely you should go to see an orthopedic surgeon.
I was trying to move a pallet at work today and heard and felt a pop in my right shoulder, my entire arm and hand went numb and I have pain going up to my neck and have a major headache! What do you suggest????
Maybe you have shoulder dislocation or ligament tear. Have an X ray first to see the bone condition. If there's nothing wrong with it, you should consider the possibility of soft tissue problem. Currently, you'd better stop moving your shoulder, wait and watch if it will become better. If not, go to the ER.
Asking a question, my right shoulder has a sharp stabbing pain. It radiates to my neck and to my arm. It’s hurts all the time and worse at night. I can’t ever sleep on my right side. Anyone ever has this?
Many conditions can induce shoulder pain such as, rotator cuff impingement, rotator cuff tears, osteoarthritis, etc. NSAIDs drugs or steroid injections may help. However, you should first figure out the cause of your shoulder pain.
I have been experiencing same thing for 5 months. PT not helping even after a month. I take Tylenol PM at night knocks the edge of the pain off and puts me right to sleep in about 10-15 minutes. Only way I can get to sleep some nights. I have an appointment with orthopedic dr coming up soon and hoping he can figure out what is going on exactly.... remember Tylenol PM!
Can I rub ointments for the  rotater cuff pain? or do I need to see a doctor?
You need to see a doctor to confirm the diagnosis and further treatment, so as to avoid limb damage.
I've had a rotary cuff tear and all that is mention is Ashfield I suffered.
It's painful, you must have had some hard days.
What does a good Ryder Cuff look like?? And also was a bad one look like??
I posted pictures to show this. Please check it in this thread.

The left is normal, the right abnormal. You see the pointed red area? They are inflamed and swelling, causing pain.