Rotator Cuff Tear - What is it?

4 Answers

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I fell on my shoulder very hard im also over weight. My sholder bother me sometimes like when it rains or if im drinking an alcoholic drink i thought i was have a stroke but its pain in my wright arm.
stroke don't present as pain. you may have strecth or bone fracture when you fall. you should take a X-RAY if it's not getting better.
Should I see a doctor it hurts to raise my arm just off my side and the pain is in the left side of my neck and down my arm!Pain is continues all day
Hello, is there any injury or pressure? Is there numbness? Do you have high blood pressure? diabetes? obesity? If you have the above medical history and are older, suspected of cerebral infarction, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a check.
It sounds more like injury, how long has it been? Does it get better when you rest your arm for a couple of days? If not, you do need to see a doctor.
I crashed while I was mountain bikeing and fell on my shoulder, it has been two months since it happened and the pain has not gone away should I see my doctor or wait to see if it heals on its own
Since it has been two months, the slight injury can recover by yourself. You are suggested to see an orthopedist and do CT and MRI scans to see whether there is fracture or rotator cuff tear. You may need surgery for treatment.
I workout and just after of evening sore, I feel like my shoulders are doing a lot more then it’s suppose to and like I feel a Stretch when I do put my hands over my shoulder I feel it by my right shoulder on my chest (both shoulders) , I don’t know to much about body parts , it just feels really werid when I lift my shoulder it feels shortly like weaker then before
Do you mean that you just have shoulder pain at night, not at daytime? If so, you might need to see an orthopedic surgeon to get some tests to find out.

There are many causes of shoulder pain at night. The major causes include tendonitis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, shoulder impingement syndrome, and neck Injury.