Leg Cramps - Causes & Remedies

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I was diagnosed over a year ago with bone spurs and osteoarthritis on my spine. I have no insurance so I haven't been to see a specialist and now I'm experiencing leg cramps is this a sign that its getting worse?
Do you have symptoms of weakness in your lower limbs? If it is only the calf cramps, it has little correlation with the bone hyperplasia of the spine. It is recommended that you add calcium and keep warm.
I get Charlie horse in the bottom of my feet
Hello, I'd consider two possible causes: 1. calcium deficiency 2. atherosclerosis. Would recommend you to have a blood test for blood calcium first.
I have finger cramp so bad what Will help me
Drink water, stretch and massage your fingers, relax them, if the cramp persists you need see a doctor.
I've been tested and, an not diabetic. I don't "work out" but I am active and work daily. I drink a sufficient amount of water daily yet, I have been jarred out of sleep with excruciating leg cramps; usually in my mid-thigh which last as long as 9 minutes! I can't rub it out, walk on it or change positions during these cramps. What could be the cause?
Hello, in your case we'd recommend you to have an electrolyte panel - blood test, especially the blood calcium level.
I have been having clamps in my legs and my stomach, am not diabetic what can be the cause and remedy, I don't exercise alot but am very active because of the job am doing ,,
I'll recommend that you take an electrolytes blood test to see if all the indicators are within normal range.
I've been gett Charlie horses in both my calfs when i stretch, dont know why??
You've strained your muscle too much.