Blood in stool - is it cancer?

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My urine bleeding is like every 3 or 4 months and usually light in coler, i've not been diagnosed with anything in particular but have an amount of protein in my urine that causes my Dr.concern and i usually eat beets to remove some of the protein.Could you kind of give me a might be diagnoses off this info.?
What tests have you run? How about the kidney function? Did you have the ultrasound or CAT scan on kidney and bladder? Are they all clear?
how much Proteinuria do you have?
 have you test 24 proteinuria quantification,you should be careful for  Chronic nephritis and Nephrotic syndrome.
check out your situation with a Nephrologist regularlly.
My stool just now had bright red blood  what should I do?
you should see a doctor ,do test and find out the reason. Hemorrhoids ,Colon polyps ,Colon cancer should be excluded.
depending on age u should maybe have a colonoscopy.....see your dr
My butt has been itching and I have a little discomfort and every know and than I see a little bit of blood on the poop what does that mean
do you have diarrhea or constipation? Is the blood fresh red? if yes, it may be due to haemorrhoids. do you have skin lesion at butt?
Yes I do get diarrhea and constipation and yes the blood is bright red
How long have these symptoms been? If they persist constantly for 2 weeks, you are suggested to do colonoscopy to exclude tumor ASAP.