What Cause Sore Lymph Nodes?

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I have a lump on left side of my neck close to colarbone. There calling it a fatty tumor. Wat should i do?
Lipoma refers to the accumulation of mature adipocytes in human tissues to form a mass-like tumor-like hyperplasia. Most of them are distributed under the epidermis, and can also be found in the thoracic cavity, pelvic cavity and other deep positions. In general, lipomas are benign lesions with a long course of disease, and basically no cancerous changes, but some patients can have sarcomatoid changes and liposarcoma. By means of visual observation, physical examination and color Doppler ultrasound imaging, lipoma and liposarcoma cannot be completely and correctly identified. It is often necessary to perform pathological examination after surgical resection of the lesion to obtain a definitive diagnosis. Your gender, age, brief medical history, physical examination description, auxiliary examination results: MRI? . Pathological examination? Are you sure to diagnose lipoma? How big is the lipoma? How long has the block been discovered? Is there any pain or itching in the mass?
no itching or pain in the mass
This can be suspicious, a mass neither itching nor painful is more risky. Go see your primary please.
Just have it removed by a surgeon, if it doesn't hurt or bleed it's usually ok.  I had one that didn't hurt but it would bleed and I had it removed and it was skin cancer but it was caught in time, Goodluck
I had a mammogram done and it reads that I  have small benign axillary  lymph nodes. Can anyone  help me out or any suggestions on what I should  do or can explain  what this  means. Please email  me on this matter. Thanks
I had a mammogram done and it reads that I  have small benign axillary  lymph nodes. Can anyone  help me out or any suggestions on what I should  do or can explain  what this  means. Please email  me on this matter. Thanks carmenleet4@gmail.com
It means your underarm lymph nodes look swollen from the mammogram image, and the swelling is caused by infection, it's not cancerous. However, I think your doctor may need to treat the infection of lymph nodes, depending on the severity.
Can smoking cause swell in nodes?
smoking can cause cancer and cancer cause swelling lymph nodes.
Common cause of swelling lymph node  are as-follow:
1. Infection
Acute and chronic inflammation caused by pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, rickettsia, etc., causes acute cellulitis, suppurative tonsillitis, gingivitis, infectious mononucleosis, ascariasis, tuberculosis, and the like.
2.Tumor: (1) lymphoma;(2) various types of acute and chronic leukemia;(3) plasma cell tumor: multiple myeloma, primary macroglobulinemia;(4) Tumor metastasis: lung cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, and the like.
3. Reactive hyperplasia:(1) necrotizing proliferative lymphadenopathy;(2) serum disease and serum disease-like reaction;(3) allergic subsepsis;(4) Systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatism.
4. Cell proliferation and metabolism abnormalities:(1) Langerhans histiocytosis (histocytosis X);(2) lipid deposition disease;(3) Sarcoidosis.
I had a sudden swelling come deep under my pit near bone & breast, very painful,it made my entire right side hurt in my neck, & jaw, arm.that part has subsided but the deep swelling is still there cant actually feel the oval shaped egg size thing any more but having to take motrin around the clock, message it, 17 days in. now am starting decompression diet, & messages.  I have terrible neuropathy in my hands fingers due to broken neck car accident c-3 thru c-8 ,i have to sleep either sitting up or standing against wall & swing my arms to stop the neropathy.I have to limit chocolate caffine, coffee, ,but had forgot, & ate these some about 3 wks, had 800 cc drained from breast 2 yrs ago ,its on same side,should I go for ultrasound to see if I need a needle drain again.  I'm coming off all foods, & changing what I eat. I dont eat much sugar, but my spouse does & I ate it with him not thinking, chocolate pie, chocolate milk chocolate soy protein drinks, all types protein drinks,strong coffee, twizzlers, sweet tea, hardly no water. I eat a big kale salad with walnuts for lunch with olive oil ginger turmerneuropathy. Oil, lemon,citris, & again  for dinner with 1 protein,  1 side  ,try to not eat starch, or processed foods.  We have been going thru divorce, Ive been smoking again due to terrible stress, he has skitzophrenia & attacks me,& tortures me,I cant quit yet. I will try to vape instead. Please dont preach  to me on the smoking I know, it's easy to preach  but hard to walk in someone else's shoes. He picked me up by my throat twice & hurt my thyroid, crushed my esophagus, & 1 month ago on my same arm were fluid is stopped up, he bruised me from shoulder to elbow underneath  my arm. I am 51, I recently ate alot of seseme oil ,product,tahini,& got phyto estrogen overload which screwed up my perfect menstrual cycle. I've yet to recover that. It's been 3 months. So i cant eat seseame either.  I love healthy oils but web says dont eat even olive oil or any healthy oils,  for lymph stopage.also can Vinegar help clear lymph drainage? I caint get a strait answer storage. Can I eat healthy oils & vinegar?
Hello, combined with the information mentioned in the article, are you going to the beauty salon for so-called lymphatic drainage? Or is there another reason? The lymph nodes are distributed throughout the body and are important immune organs of the human body. According to their location, they can be divided into superficial lymph nodes and deep lymph nodes. Lymphatic enlargement is mainly due to the following reasons: 1. Infection 2. Tumor 3. Reactive hyperplasia 4. Abnormal cell proliferation and metabolism. When you think your lymph nodes are swollen I suggest you go to general surgery for further diagnosis and treatment. You might need an ultrasound to diagnose. As for the two foods you mentioned, there is currently no evidence that they can have the effect you said.
so I have had similar bumps that you are explaining and Ask a doctor cause you may have HS (hydrantitis Supporitiva).  I get them a lot more when I sweat or have something compressing the skin.  I mainly get them around groin area armpit and under boob, occasionally 1 or 2 on my buttocks.  I have a surgeon that takes mines out surgically and biopsies them.  they hurt like crazy.  I used to go to doc office or ER but they just cut it open and drained them sent u home with a gaping hole they would pack it but basically once the stuffing falls out it's a hole.  BUT HS is what I think you have.  GOOD LUCK, Kat
I have alot of pain in my lymph node on the right side groin area. What might be causing it?
Inguinal lymphadenopathy or pain usually indicates lesions in the reproductive system and peritoneal organs around the groin, including systemic diseases. Most of the groin lymph nodes are caused by bacterial or viral infections. You should always pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, don't eat spicy food, don't drink alcohol.
What is a haze area lung,possible lymph nodes is it cancer?
Haze is not cancer. Haze area means the shadow is of low density, tumor is of high density. The shadow is called "haze" because of low density, very light colored, and generally blurry. It's more related to infection. Presence of lymph nodes is a bit complicated, it can be infection, tuberculosis, or tumor. When necessary doctors order biopsy. Hope this can help.
Have trouble with always feeling very full with only a small amount of food pet scan shows a mass in abdomen biosphy showed benign lump nodes what are lump nodes
In medicine, nodules are solid, elevated areas of tissue or fluid inside or under the skin with a diameter greater than 0.5 centimeters. Nodules may form on tendons and muscles in response to injury. Simply take it this way, a benign lump nodule is not cancer, a malignant nodule is cancer.
meaning lump. Lump is big sized, node is small sized.
I can feel two lumps under my left armpit on the top of my ribcage. I just noticed them today . There are no lumps on my right side . So I been online and think they might be lympnodes. They are not sore . Just worried. How do I know.if they are or not ? Also what should I do ?
Brandon I just had mine removed they where so large they wouldn't do a biopsy of it. I had fluid build up in my chest had cat scan with dye to see if anything spread. Everything was normal and they where benign. That was 8weeks ago now the fuild in my chest is getting worse and they found unlarged lymphoma in my chest. You need to go to the Dr.
Under the armpit lymph nodes are most likely. However, people need to pay attention to swollen lymph nodes, you need to get an ultrasound on them to make sure they're non harmful. Some of them can be harmful.
Tim This morning I woke up with swollen lymph nodes under my jaw and up the side of my face.... Tuesday I had a full body chiropractic adjustment, and then Wednesday I moved a ton of furniture.... My jaw because tender that night, then on Thursday I returned and got adjusted again..... Now all my lymph nodes under my jaw and neck are super swollen..... I have been under a lot of stress and such as well.... But never had swelling like this.... Ever.. what should I do??
Go see a Dr., there's likely an infection, it gets severe over days, that's why you have super swollen lymph nodes. Let the Dr. see if you need antibiotics treatment or not.
my right knees swollen and hurts, then my right ankle got swollen, then my calf is swollen same leg. Doctor did ultra sound and ruled out deep vein blood clot, says it could be arthritis or cancer. COULD I PLEASE GET SOME IN PUT ON THIS.
Information limited, no one can say it's tumor or not. Take a CT on the let then.
I would also add that you need to get a ct scan with dye it could be a clot or completely nothing. I spend about 10 hrs in the ER abt 3 weeks ago cause everything below my waist swelled up to around 5x the original size.  They also thought it was a clot in my legs so they started doing test in my chest and it came back abnormal and once they cleared everything and ruled out a blood clot they cave me a IV injection of a medicines called Lasics I was back to normal about a week later but I also used the bathroom a lot.  not only did I lose the water weight I also lost 20 lbs.  I did have Cancer surgery almost 2 weeks earlier.  I hope it helps.  I've been through a lot!  Good luck to you
What can cause the lymph nodes in your abdomen to clump together almost resembling grapes?
Hi Ms. Sanford, it can be either benign or malignant.
I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck and they get itchy at times should I worry